Heat Treatment Furnace & Biomass Gasification System Manufacturer

If you are shopping for a metallurgical furnace, welcome to HUGUANG! If you are hunting for a biomass gasification system, then welcome to HUGUANG! As a trustworthy manufacturer of heat treatment equipment, HUGUANG can offer heat treatment solution and renewable energy solution. A list of our industrial process equipment includes walking beam furnace, rotary hearth furnace, roller hearth furnace and other heat treatment furnaces, as well as biomass gasifiers. Achieve stability at extreme temperatures at HUGUANG Industrial Furnace.

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HUGUANG Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd.

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    1. Walking Beam Furnace

      The dry-and-sealed design enables the continuous furnace to save up to 30% energy as compared with conventional products using water sealing. In traditional water-sealed products, a large amount of heat will be carried away by the water.

    1. Rotary Hearth Furnace

      This industrial heating system is completely sealed except the material feeding and discharging ports. Therefore, the incoming of cold air is maximally reduced, which contributes to little steel oxidation. Additionally, the feeding materials rotate along the turn-table without any relative motion or abrasion.

    1. Biomass Power Generation System

      With electricity generation capacity of 1,000KW/h, this system offers an ideal solution for construction of biomass power stations, by working in combination with other equipment sets.

    1. Biomass Gas Supply System

      The supplied biomass gas can be used to replace conventional non-renewable energy resources such as the coal gas and LPG gas. Our system offers a renewable energy solution.